The Buzz

Cecelia wrote:

  WOW!  Satan’s Gambit will take the reader on a journey that will make you spit nails and distrust anyone in a position of power and influence.  

Roger said:

 If this is fiction, then only the names and maybe the Abbey are.  Read it in one day, could not put it down. Excellent, not dull, thought-provoking.  Answered two questions I've pondered for years. When are 2 / 3 coming out? 

Camille quipped:

 Dr.Conti delivers a stunner of a novel replete with solid documented facts, punctuated with humor while educating and captivating the reader with whiplash strikes to the a knife slicing through your neck and you don't realize it until you turn your head and it rolls off. 

Sean commented:

 Our country is heading straight into an epic storm of absolute destruction! Satan's Gambit will provide you with a frightening glimpse of what is to come if we do not change course. 

Hank remarked:

 Satan's Gambit is a virtual encyclopedia of conservative thought, tailored into a great story with characters that come alive on each page. A valuable educational tool, I'm having my adult children read it. Touching on everything from creation to the Constitution, astrophysics to Alinsky, this book is sure to offend every crybaby at CNN. I'm going right out and buying Kleenex stock. 

Josh commented:

Never before in history has it been more vital for a generation to search out truth, but like all treasures, true knowledge lies buried under layers of veiled occult propaganda. This novel presses the reader to begin that journey out of darkness, and points the way toward the Light.  A MUST HAVE and the perfect gift for Pastors, Public Officials, and Law Enforcement Officers, etc.

John (a H.S.student) reviewed:


I must say, as a 14 y.o. high school student, I found your book very enlightening. In my AP Environmental Science class, we get fed the models of the "climate crisis", and other propaganda on a near daily basis; while in our AP European History class, we ignore the war on Christianity. Sadly, my classes are filled with Jude's, [a liberal character] and severely lacking in people willing to stick up for our Christian values this country was built on. I cannot wait to read the next 2 books, and I have no doubt that this book has been more informative, entertaining, and fascinating than any other book I have read. I think you should launch your own college course called "The Matrix Exposed", so I can sign up and take it myself. I sincerely recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind their worldview being challenged.

Additional comment:

  I just finished the last two books in the Satan's Gambit trilogy, and I was not disappointed! The trilogy succeeded in expanding the concepts that you brought forward, while showing what will happen if we don't fight against the radical far-left. I was particularly fascinated by the "separation of church and state" lie; and how the War on Christianity was actually led by the courts, which must be reined in. I'm going to take another run at the trilogy with my laptop, and take notes on everything important.  As a high school student, I know firsthand how important it is that the Christian Conservatives fight back now that they have lost the war on the indoctrination policies in K-12 and college education. This book should be read by everyone of any age, to learn the truth about what they have been spoon-fed in the federal education system and mainstream media.  The Matrix Exposed should become an actual college course, required for all students. I give this trilogy a 10/10, and encourage everyone to give this book a go.

Reid said:

Eye-opening and stirring. What they should be teaching in our school systems and colleges. An incredible look at Biblical history we were taught as kids; now with modern scientific proof to back it up.  I thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy and have had a few conversations with my son about it.  I look for him to read it soon.  Thank you.

Bob noted:

Wonderful book!  I could not put Part 1 and 2 down - for three full passes.  Looking forward to Part 3!  Best regards.

Dottie remarked:

Thank you so much for writing the Satan's Gambit books. I read both books in 2 days. I have not stopped talking about them since I opened the first book. My 19 year old son is reading them now and has explained that he is using them interactively. As Dr. Lucci suggests student 'look up' a supporting article or YouTube video my son does it and follows along with the students! Ingenious of you. Kids today, computer generation, need to verify everything. By including those supporting documents they can feel fully informed. I truly believe you have been divinely inspired by God the Father and Creator to warn and inform. Thank you, again. I look forward to Book 3!

Moriah wrote:

I am a millennial, and my generation needs the truth more than any other in recent history has.  But we aren't getting it. Not in school, not on the news, and not even on-line for the most part.  We've needed a series like 'Satan's Gambit' to give us the truth in a way that is clearly presented, and fortunately Dr. Conti delivers it in a tale that is chock-full of facts and excitement.

Rick observed:

Great book; it reminds me somewhat of 'Atlas Shrugged' with a Biblical foundation added.  It is an unfortunate prediction of where our country is headed if we continue to put preferences before the principles of our Founding Fathers.

Jim raved:

 I read all three books and went looking to see if there is a number four! As a historian I know America's history and our recent events, and this book, as one reviewer said, is more fact than fiction. It's a great interpretation of where we find ourselves in the early years of the 21st century. Dr. Conti warns us in these volumes that we can't afford to sit back and allow our nation to remain on its current course. Reading these books is like reading an updated version of "1984." We ignore this warning at our peril. 

Angela remarked:

 Truly mind blowing!! I am reading the Trilogy for the 3rd time! These books continue to blow my mind with the biblical facts refuting the government's lies. Every thing we have been taught, by those we trusted most, were only grooming us for their own agenda, not our wellbeing. Now I know. The veil has been lifted and I will ensure my family and friends (and strangers too) are able to have access to the truth as well. Dr. Conti, I pray for God to continue speaking through you so we can keep the government on their toes and open the eyes of America and the World! 

Ted opined:

The Trilogy that Dr. Gene Conti has written is one-of-a-kind. That is a very bold statement, yet accurate.  Dr. Conti blends a very rare knowledge of sociology, history, academics, human nature, the geo-political world, philosophy, and most especially, how we got to where we are today -- and where we are headed.  Most importantly of all, he gives solid evidence of the argument of creation vs. evolution backed by evidence that demands a verdict on how we approach simple truths.  It is an enjoyable page-turner that will bring the reader to a place they have never been before, and will open the mind  to vistas to intellectually and emotionally honest dialogue absent from the school rooms of America for generations.  Go Father Flanagan!!!

Craig added:

Gene Conti has written a superb work on par with likes of a William Forstchen Novel, and completed with the action and military detail on par with that of the late Tom Clancy. This book is filled with unique facts that can be verified by a simple search. The novel is filled with adventure and action as you follow Father Ed and Dr Lucci on their epic journey you feel as if you are right there with them. Once you come back to reality and turn on the news you realize that perhaps the author may just be a modern-day Nostradamus.

Ted wrote:

This is spot on! It's a very compelling well put together novel and I can't wait to get Book II. I have two friends that can't wait to read it and I'm buying copies for several family members and friends.

Angie commented:

I became engrossed in the trilogy even before I opened Satan's Gambit. After having a candid and heartfelt discussion with Dr. Conti regarding this trilogy, and at a gun show no less, I couldn't wait to get that first book open! Once I did, I was sucked in and I felt as though I were a student in the classroom or at the very least, a bystander eavesdropping in awe. There are so many "Ah Ha" moments in this book! I would have to put down the book and excitedly explain each point to my husband, child, coworker, whoever was around at the time! Our children today, no, ALL people today need to read and dig deep. Dig deep within, dig deep through the muck being thrown at us daily and realize what truly is happening to the world around us. Dr. Conti, you are brilliant. Please continue to open the eyes of our youth and their parents! Teaching the truth is needed desperately. Teach our children to think! Teach them to believe. God has called upon you to help do just that! God Bless!

Pamela wrote:

I have read the first two books and have to say they are inspiring and riveting at the same time.  They make you think far beyond the usual world issues and instill some fear as to where we are headed.  The books may be based in a fictional setting but, as we all know if you are paying attention, these issues are happening all around us.  I can't wait to read #3 of the Trilogy - RISE OF THE BEAST.  I have passed the ones I've read to friends and they are duly impressed and captivated with the topics that are touching all our lives.  Will anxiously wait for future books.  May God guide you and your work!

JFW commented:

Satan's Gambit Book 1 is without question the best end-times book I've read since 'Left Behind'!  I can't wait to read Books 2 & 3 when they become available!  

Joe reflected:

I have just finished reading the entire Trilogy and really enjoyed them.  This Trilogy has certainly enlightened me about understanding how science is controlled by men, and like many things I have found in life, it is simply propaganda.  The references in these books have confirmed to me that I should believe in God, not in man.

Randy observed:

This book and the truth about satan's scheme to destroy freedom needs to be made available to all young people who are being brain-washed in all our schools.  Our churches need to get this vital truth to their people before America is destroyed.

Bonny stated:

 I have read Book I and all I can say is Bravo, Dr. Conti! Spot on fact-filled fiction of our times. Thank you for putting forth what the world needs to know, and be slapped with in the face! What is occurring in this world today was prophesied in the Bible, and it is not coming to pass, it has come to pass. Can't wait to read books II and III. Keep up the brilliant, insightful excellent work, Doc!

Additional comment: 

Dr. Conti, your work is genius! I finished Book III today. Gripping, so "today", unexpected in areas, adventurous and completely believable. This series definitely needs to be put up on the BIG SCREEN, and the script needs to follow your books to the T. What a twist and revelation at the end. Did NOT see that coming. You are amazing in your work. Congratulations for a passion well written.

Theresa (a Buddhist) submitted:

Intriguing and compelling.  BOOK ONE sets the stage and expounds on an ideoloy that has been in my peripheral for years.  Whether the story is successful in changing my own beliefs or just in challenging them remains to be seen; but this is a book that everyone should read to find out for themselves!  It was easy to read and hard to put down.  I am eagerly awaiting Book Two.