Satan's Gambit

"Action, intrigue, and events ripped from today's headlines."

About the Novel

Satan's Gambit - more fact than fiction - explains what caused this transformation in America.  Dr. Gene Conti's story takes place on an imaginary college campus in the near future where Dr. Lucci leads his charges.  The students experience a fresh realization of what has occurred in the United States and why.

From radical jihadist terrorism to total government control, Conti's compelling and thought-provoking novel exposes the new dystopian Orwellian future that is being thrust upon all of us.

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Recent Reviews

  Truly mind blowing!! I am reading the Trilogy for the 3rd time! These books continue to blow my mind with the biblical facts refuting the government's lies. Every thing we have been taught, by those we trusted most, were only grooming us for their own agenda, not our well-being. Now I know. The veil has been lifted and I will ensure my family and friends (and strangers too) are able to have access to the truth as well. Dr. Conti, I pray for God to continue speaking through you so we can keep the government on their toes and open the eyes of America and the World!  - Angela L.



I must say, as a 14 y.o. high school student, I found your book very enlightening. In my AP Environmental Science class, we get fed the models of the "climate crisis", and other propaganda on a near daily basis; while in our AP European History class, we ignore the war on Christianity. Sadly, my classes are filled with Jude's, [a liberal character] and severely lacking in people willing to stick up for our Christian values this country was built on. I cannot wait to read the next 2 books, and I have no doubt that this book has been more informative, entertaining, and fascinating than any other book I have read. I think you should launch your own college course called "The Matrix Exposed", so I can sign up and take it myself. I sincerely recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind their worldview being challenged. - John H.


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